4 Reasons To Stay Outside Of The Disney “Bubble”

4 Reasons To Stay Outside Of The Disney “Bubble”

Staying off-site (aka “outside of the bubble”) when visiting Disney World can be a better deal for several reasons:

  1. Lower Cost: Staying off-site can often be cheaper than staying on-site at a Disney World resort. Off-site accommodations can vary widely in price, but there are often more budget-friendly options available, especially if you’re willing to stay a bit farther away from the theme parks.

  2. More Space: Many off-site accommodations offer more space than the average hotel room at a Disney World resort, which can be especially appealing for families or larger groups. For example, vacation rental homes or condos can offer multiple bedrooms, full kitchens, and common areas for relaxing or gathering.

  3. More Flexibility: Off-site accommodations can offer more flexibility in terms of dining options and transportation. With a full kitchen, you can prepare your own meals, saving money on dining out. And with a rental car or rideshare service, you can easily get to and from the theme parks on your own schedule, without having to rely on Disney’s transportation.

  4. More Variety: Staying off-site also means you have access to a wider variety of dining, shopping, and entertainment options beyond what Disney World has to offer. This can be especially appealing if you’re interested in exploring more of the Orlando area beyond the theme parks.

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